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IntelliComp’s XP-Calc is a strategic experience period analysis tool

IntelliComp’s XP-Calc is the trusted experience period calculation tool. Quickly calculate which policy periods and unit statistical report levels will be used in every experience modification effective period. If the insured’s policy has changed, use XP-Calc to determine what policy periods will be used in the calculation on the ex mod.

Among the most powerful feature of XP-Calc is Strategic Cancellation™.  This powerful analytical tool allows for strategic analysis to determine potential advantages or disadvantages of modifying the risks Anniversary Rating Date (NARD).  Policy periods can be calculated from 2.5 years and up to 3.5 years in the experience modification.  In strategizing the most beneficial NARD, IntelliComp’s Strategic Cancellation™ is the most powerful tool in the industry.

Savvy agents who use IntelliComp know how to use XP-Calc to assist their client.

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IntelliComp Risk Analysis XP-Calc

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