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Workers' Comp
Placement & Management

Our systems provide the most in-depth, intelligent and concise reporting for your risk management strategy.

IntelliComp Placement & Management Systems

IntelliComp’s Carrier Rate Filing tool allows insurance professionals to review market rates. Examine California rates filed by the major workers’ comp carriers and compare the estimated premiums. The estimated premiums use the carrier’s premium discounts and territorial factors, if provided.

Looking for rates with a workers’ comp carrier not currently listed in our system?  Just send an email with the carrier’s NAIC number to

Experience Modification Change Alerts

IntelliComp Placement & Management Systems

ModAlert is the best way to manage risk experience modifications. IntelliComp monitors your designated risks. Tag your managed risks – or prospective risk targets – in the IntelliComp data system and we will monitor the experience modification rate for you.

When the experience modification rating for one of your tag-designated risks changes, you’ll be sent a ModAlert notification by email automatically. The ModAlert system ensures no risk opportunity or threat is missed.

Workers Comp Claims Management

Industrial insurance Cost Control (IICC) provides workers’ compensation managers with an outsourced option for claims management. 

Established in 1986, IICC has helped thousands of employers with their workers’ compensation claims management. IICC provides claims management exclusively to IntelliComp customers as a value-added opportunity.

With 35 years’ experience in claims management, IICC provides an extraordinary level of skill and service. IICC industry experience is extensive. Take advantage of our advanced knowledge of unit statistical reporting, experience modification calculation, strategic cancellation, revisions of an experience modification, knowledge of current and past laws. With IICC, claims close faster and reserves lowered.

If you are an existing or new IntelliComp customer, inquire as to how IICC can take your claims management to the highest level.  Free up human resource allocation and enjoy the peace of mind in utilizing a premier claims management company.

For additional information on IICC’s services, get in touch.