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IntelliComp is the largest provider of California experience modifications, both current and historical, for all insureds.


Utilize IntelliComp systems to intelligently search for, filter results and evaluate qualified risk opportunity targets.


IntelliComp's analytical tools explore and calculate key rates, dates and factors in strategically intelligent risk management.


IntelliComp is the leading provider of risk analysis and strategic planning data to workers' comp professionals.


California Experience Modification Extranet

IntelliComp is the preferred risk analysis and evaluation resource for serious workers’ comp professionals.  Our systems provide the most in-depth, intelligent and concise reporting for risk management strategy.

Experience Modification Analysis

IntelliComp’s EstiMod is the industry-leading Experience Modification calculation & reporting program.

Experience Period Analysis

IntelliComp’s EstiMod is the industry-leading Experience Modification calculation & reporting program.


IntelliComp Workers' Comp Risk Analysis

IntelliComp Extranet Data Systems

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Take advantage of the intelligent resource for risk management. IntelliComp Extranet data systems provides an advantage in the analysis, strategic planning and management of workers’ comp risks.

Since 1996, IntelliComp is the industry leader for workers’ comp professionals.

IntelliComp Extranet Data Systems

Risk Analysis & Evaluation

Develop a professional lead generation process for identifying desirable California risk.  IntelliComp provides the data resources and reporting to increase your bottom line. Our market analysis tools guide industry professionals in the strategic management of risk.

CA Risk Database

Develop your risk lead generation capability, both on-demand and with automated reports. Search CA workers’ comp risks by Ex-Mod, Bureau, class, licensed contractor profile, and a wide variety of other query variables.

Market Analysis

Formulate intelligent risk management strategy with IntelliComp’s analytic tools for experience modifications, their activity, history and ratios.  Analyze policy periods, anniversary dates and bureau rate index activity.

Actionable Reports

IntelliComp’s Extranet system provides for the creation and printing of intelligent reports.  Our reports are concise and provide insurance professionals with clear strategic information.