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Utilize our wide variety of workers’ comp analytical tools to calculate experience modification and experience periods.

IntelliComp Lead Generation

Risk Experience Analysis

Risk Management Starts With Understanding Experience Modification & Period Analysis

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Are you managing risk strategically? Are you asking these questions?

  • How much will the ex mod increase or decrease?
  • What impact will policy period changes have on the ex mod? 
  • How can you anticipate changes accurately?

Insurance industry professionals don’t guess, they know by using IntelliComp

IntelliComp provides the tools needed to answer critical questions. Our EstiMod calculation tool is the industry leader in ex mod analysis. Our Experience Modification Analysis Reports are concise, informative and may be printed on demand for a logo-branded presentation. Our XP-Calc tool provides critical insight into experience period calculations. It provides what policy periods will be used and how long they will be used in any ex mod effective period. It also includes the unit stat level, valuation month and the unit stat filing deadline. Among XP-Calc features is the Strategic Cancellation analysis. Use this feature to strategically analyze opportunities to change the Anniversary Rating Date to limit or expand the exposure of a policy.

Risk Evaluation

IntelliComp Experience Modification Analytics

IntelliComp Risk Analysis

EstiMod CA

IntelliComp’s EstiMod CA is the industry-leading Experience Modification calculation & reporting program.

EstiMod CA reporting identifies why an Experience Modification is increasing or decreasing – and how to respond accordingly.  Our reporting EstiMod properly analyzes and forecasts a California risk’s experience modification.  It is at the foundation of managing risk and anticipating subsequent contributions to workers’ comp.  Our reports are intelligent, concise and effective for you to present to the insured.

EstiMod CA provides California workers’ comp insurance professionals the ability to both analyze the experience modification and to produce clear, actionable reporting.  EstiMod reports are preferred for their concise presentation of facts.  Policy holders appreciate the clarity EstiMod reports provide.

Intelligent and Concise Reporting, Including: