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Utilize our wide variety of Workers comp risk research and analysis tools. Our workers’ comp risk search tools allow you to query by both broad and detailed parameters in manual and automated queries.

IntelliComp Lead Generation

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Increase the Professional Intelligence of Your Risk Lead Analysis Strategy

IntelliComp’s workers’ comp risk research and analysis and lead-generation evaluation tools have been the preferred choice of serious workers’ comp professionals for decades. IntelliComp helps shape the strategic methodology you’ll use for effective risk identification and evaluation. We believe it’s better to target high-value opportunities with concise information – rather than try to impress prospects with exhaustive presentations. Our reports are intelligent, concise and effective – for you and your prospects.

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IntelliComp Lead Generation

Data Query

IntelliComp’s Data Query is a powerful risk research tool.

Data Query allows you to search for risks that fall within a specified experience modification range, geographical area and industry. Search for risks which have been issued an experience modification for the first time or for risks which have had an increase in their experience modification. Search by Projected Effective Date so you can begin prospecting PRIOR to their renewal date. Also included in Data Query is Master Search, Weekly Search and Bureau

Number Search.

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